All-Star Fishing
All-Star Fishing


  • Type of game

    Fish and Arcade

  • Special Features

    All-Stars, Naga Boss, Bonus Wheel

  • Paylines


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  • Supported Languages

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Fire Phoenix

Naga Boss

Bonus Wheel

Giant Crocodile


For the first time, the original star BOSSES are assembled, and the big multiplier BOSS is no longer unattainable.
Exclusive hook and claw to catch high star fish, special high multiplier of 999X.
Interactive Boss, The more you click on the screen, the higher the multiplier will be, and the more you click on the screen, the more gorgeous the bosses will be. The Immortal Boss will join the mini-game slot game, with a maximum bonus of 888X, a variety of weapons and a powerful attack, and a Mystery Box can be triggered, multiplying your gains again and again.