Witches' Night


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    Free Game,Multiplier

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    Cluster pays

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Free spin


"This is a slot machine game themed around 'Witch and Crystal Ball.' Natasha is a fortune teller skilled in crystal ball divination, but that's just her surface identity. In reality, she is one of the three Fates: Clotho! She possesses the ability to foresee the future of others.

When 8 or more identical symbols appear on the reels, they can be eliminated to earn rewards. Accumulating a specified number of eliminations unlocks a win multiplier effect, significantly increasing the bonus!

No need to worry about the difficulty of accumulation; when crystal balls appear on the reels, Natasha will unleash magic to assist players in accumulating quantities, greatly enhancing the chances of achieving multiplier effects!

In the free game, the conditions for accumulation are halved, significantly increasing the chances and intensity of obtaining multipliers. Additionally, the multiplier effect is upgraded in 6 stages, reaching a maximum of 500X!"