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World Cup


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  • Special Features

    Free Game, Bonus, Big Symbol, Multiplier

  • Paylines

    20 paylines

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The once-in-four-year international event - the Football World Cup is kicking off!
Come and enjoy the superb skills of world-renowned stars,
Dribble, pass, lob, shoot and score!
Rounds 2 to 4 are special boards, with 2x2 or 3x3 large symbols randomly appearing, which greatly increases the strength of winning points. The home star kicks the ball to replace the large symbols, and one goal into the soul will get a bonus!
As long as the Bonus symbol appears, you will get a bonus. The more you appear, the higher the bonus, and the high bonus is easy to pocket!
In the free game, you can randomly get a multiplier of winning points in each game. With big symbols and superb technical football stars, you can score a goal. Excess bonuses are waiting for you. Enjoy the enthusiasm and excitement of the World Cup Football game perfectly!