Sin City
Sin City




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  • Special Features

    Free Game, Bonus Game,Free Respin

  • Paylines

    40 Lines

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Free Game


Super Win


"Within the 'City of Sin,' players will step into this metropolis of vice as a legendary gunslinger, facing a series of thrilling rescue missions. This city is rife with dark forces, and the bosses of various criminal organizations are all in dire straits. your mission is to showcase your marksmanship in times of crisis, rescuing them from peril.

The game is structured like a 4x5 grid slot machine, with each round presenting an exhilarating adventure. Special features are triggered by the appreciation of the bosses, adding challenges and lucrative rewards to your mission.

The protagonist, a skilled gunslinger in the story, will navigate through this criminal city. Each successful rescue of a boss will activate a unique Bonus Game, providing opportunities for the big prize

Take on the challenge of the City of Sin, showcase your marksmanship skills, rescue the crime bosses, and reap continuous surprises and rewards in every adventure!"