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Candy Baby


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    Free Game, Multiplier, Bonus Game, Jackpot

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Main Game

Bonus Game



A simple and easy matching game, player can get payouts from connecting the same-colored candies and more candies will drop as player match more and more of them. Keep matching and player will easily get lots of prizes from just matching the candies!
Collect candies randomly from the board and have chance to trigger the Lucky Wheel each time player get candies, and enter Free Games or the special Candy Popper game to get plenty of prizes. It’s fine if nothing was triggered as player will get the Lucky Wheel by collecting 10 candies, and that’s how player simply get the jackpots!
The Payout for Free Games is guaranteed to start from x2, and the Candy Poppers are randomly turned into Candies of the same color to get lots of matches! There are all kinds of special-offer game modes that allow player to win all of the time!