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Agent Ace


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  • Special Features

    Free Game, Multiplier, Free Spin, Ace Agent

  • Paylines

    25 paylines

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Main Game

Bonus Game



The City of Sin needs a hero to come out and fight crime!
When the bad guy symbols land in the general game, there is a chance to trigger the "Ace Agent" specification. Kill the bad guys and convert them into Wilds, which greatly increases the winning rate and bonus. The spinned Wilds has a chance to trigger X2 and X3 effects, which upgrades the prize again!
The free game will definitely trigger the "Ace Agent" specification, which will increase the number of Wilds. After collecting the specified number of Wilds you can replace the specified symbols with "Golden Wilds" until the end of the free game to increase the number of rounds. That way you can't stop winning and gain big rewards!