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King Arthur
King Arthur




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  • Special Features

    Free Game, WILD, Multiplier

  • Paylines

    20 Lines

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VS feature


Super Win


"This is a slot machine game themed around King Arthur, the greatest king of the ancient British Empire, who led his people in resisting the invasion of the Anglo-Saxons. When there is a winning combination and the VS symbol appears on the reels, VS will expand to become a wild symbol. It will also randomly come with a multiplier effect, and the multiplier value is determined by a 'duel.' If King Arthur wins the duel, a higher multiplier is awarded, leading to a big prize!

While Arthur battles enemies, there is also a threat from mythical creatures - dragons - on the ancient continent! In the free game feature, players will venture into the dragon's lair, defeat the dragon, and be cautious of enemy ambushes! When the VS symbol appears in the free game, it will expand, accompanied by a bonus multiplier. The bonus multiplier obtained is determined by a 'duel,' and if King Arthur wins, a higher multiplier is awarded for a big prize!

Unlocking the dragon occurs when bonus prizes are obtained on all reels after 1,245 spins. Dueling and defeating the dragon will provide a multiplier effect, significantly increasing the bonus multiplier for that round.

Join King Arthur in defeating the Anglo-Saxons and dragons, and step into a bright future!"