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Fortune Pig


  • Type of game


  • Special Features

    Respin, Jackpot,Expand

  • Paylines

    8 Lines

  • Publish Time


  • Supported Languages


Welcome to the world of Fortune Pig, where wealth, happiness, and incredible luck await you! In this captivating game, your destiny unfolds across 8 thrilling paylines on the main 3x3 game board.

Watch out for the auspicious red pig – when it graces the reels, you're in for a treat! Not only does it bring you a free game, but it does so without shifting positions, giving you an extra shot at fortune.

But the real excitement lies in collecting those adorable pigs! Gather 4 of them, and you'll be rewarded with a fantastic 5x multiplier on your bet. Venture further into the game, accumulating more than five pigs, and unlock the jackpot treasures displayed on the side paytable. These prizes are a testament to the incredible fortunes that await those who dare to chase the elusive Fortune Pig.

Let the Fortune Pig be your guide to prosperity and luck in this game where every spin holds the promise of a wealth-filled adventure. May your journey be sprinkled with good fortune and jackpot triumphs! Best of luck!